Small change annals of gambling

I have bets on the football, baseball, and hockey games tonight. Sports are always more interesting to me when I bet, even if I only have small change bet on them. The bookies love me if nobody else does.

What I don’t get is what I was thinking when I bet the Yankees against Cliff Lee. I suppose I was just feeling rebellious, cranky, cantankerous, and contrarian when I did it this morning.

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In the labyrinth

When I dream vividly, which is not very often, I dream of being in small houses that turn into labyrinths where I search for stuff such as books or chess sets, and never find exactly what I am looking for.

I never have good dreams.  My dreams, whether frustrating or nightmarish, jolt me awake with my heart racing and desperately feeling fear.

However, they refresh my waking life as nothing else can.  Things tend to even out for me.

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Who are you?

Trying to read Proust with a math notebook by my side. Math ideas interrupt my reading. I scribble in my notebook then return to Proust.

Like Hume, I realize there is no me, just this panorama of images that pass before my inner eye. No thoughts cross my mind that might constitute a narrative.

I can’t cop a plea, for I have no story to fall back on.

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Tech review

WordPress on the iPad is less than useless.  Maybe, the people who create this crap ought to try using it.

Rant over.

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Billy’s Back

Yep. And he’s still wearin’ his drinkin’ hat and shoes.

Welcome back, Billy. Missed you.

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Cobalt night

At sunset, the sky shined perfect dusky cloudless cobalt.

Now, I’m sitting in the local bar way too late–alone, yet not lonely. The perfect woman to go home with sits at the table next to me, but she’s with friends, one of whom seems to be a sort of leach boyfriend. (Trust me, I’m perceptive about leach boyfriends.)

Two things I know. Winter is coming; and another hopeless love this way comes.

All you can do is hang on and enjoy the ride while it lasts, for some day the ride will be surely be over.

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The Real End of Summer

Fantasy baseball season ended with regular season baseball today. I know what you are thinking. Hey, State Street, how did you do in your fantasy baseball leagues this summer? I won one of them and finished 10 out of 12 in one of them.

Ten out of twelve, that’s exactly how I’ll remember this fantasy baseball season.

And this is what I have to say about it all: finger fuck. I’m a glass half empty kind of guy.

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Sunday Night Football

Sunday night and I’m at the local bar watching the Bears play the Giants in one of the most awfully played football games in history. Both teams are playing so badly it is a good game.

The second half just started. Plenty of awful football left to be played. It’s just a matter of who will play the worst.

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