OK, somebody in China hijacked my Google mailbox. My email box? How stupid can you get?

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The annals of desire is a bitch again

I hate myself for being smitten by her still, after these kazillion years. But I can’t help it.

I’ve always been able to lay off things I can’t have except for women.

Is it possible to desire anything when you’ve already got it?

Does that question sound definitional?

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Bitch: more annals of desire

I’m at the part where Keith talks about trying to kick his heroin habit.  It’s so analytic.

Earlier, he’d talked about getting bad marks in his math and science studies and how he had not done well at them. But I’m almost positive he could have done well there too if that was his desire–such are his analytical skills.

Desire, it’s such a lovable bitch.

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My prediction: Keith Richards’ Life will be a classic of its kind. Totally smokin’.

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Before daybreak Sunday Morning: I’m rotating between Pamuk’s The Museum of Innocence, Richards’ Life, and Dijksterhuis’s translation and commentary of the works of Archimedes.  Pamuk takes me where he wants me to go.  Richards takes me where he wants me to go.  Archimedes takes me to another world.  Coping with the ancient Greek way of doing mathematics is hard work, especially since it’s Archimedes and Dijksterhuis both with whom I’m coping.

The sun is up although you’d hardly know it for the overcast low in the sky.  I must focus my reading for the rest of the day.  I’ll work on Archimedes until my brain rebels.  Then I’ll read Pamuk and Richards as if I were eating desert after dinner.

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Nice one, WordPress

Dear WordPress,

Your web page works very well with my iPad now.

Many thanks!


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Stray dog annals

She sits real close to me in the bar, but she has her daughter in tow. I get her shit faced. She leans into me and says, “I’d fuck you if I weren’t with my daughter and it wasn’t her birthday.”

“I’ll pay her cab fare back to the hotel,” I say.

Nothing doing. Another stray dog that missed my list.

I hate that.

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Stop it or I’ll whisper for help

You are slightly smitten by her.  When you finally worked up the courage to ask what she did for a living, she said she was a dominatrix.


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iPad vs. WordPress

Trying to post a blog entry to WordPress using an iPad is pretty much a waste of time.

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Archimedes: the glow of faint copies

I’ve been reading the works of Archimedes, which does not generate many ideas for writing (unless you are writing a geometry book).

Archimedes wrote on papyrus scrolls none of which have survived.  What is known of his work were copied on three codices called A, B, and C.  Codices A and B are lost.  Codex C is being restored after having gone missing off and on since about the year 1000 CE.  The original text was written on parchment, then scrubbed, the leaves shuffled, and a prayer book written over it.

What I am studying is a text interpreted, translated, and copied many times.  To this I apply my own copying and interpretations.

Every reading and writing act is an act of translation, interpretation, and pastiche.  There is no absolute when it comes to the text.

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