A tip of the hat

I spend a lot of time watching top level chess tournaments, live commentary on the games, and following the attendant computer analysis.    I can remember back in the old days of Fischer vs. Spassky in 1972 I had to wait until the next day’s paper to see the moves in their games.  The event was so highly reported that at least I knew who won each day.  Now, we have all the stuff I mentioned live on the Internet.  It’s a chess player’s dream actually.

This a guess.  Most chess players who play a lot each week are looking for ways to improve whether from harsh experience or assistance from other sources.  I’ve played or studied chess for at least 2,000 hours over the past three years.  I’ve plateaued in my rating, etc., but what keeps my interest is the chance I may improve.

That being said, I sometimes look at the game statistics of the weakest players on the Internet.  Surprisingly, many have played thousands of games with no improvement.  Some of the games are excellent examples of how not to play chess.  It mystifies me as to how they persevere.

It must be sheer love of the game.  And I admire those players the most.

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