Piano Concertos

OK, I ain’t been writing much. I’ve been listening to music, mostly Mozart and Beethoven piano concertos. I got distracted. And if you are going to get distracted, I expect that ain’t a half bad way to do it.

In fact, I haven’t written anything in so long–not even responses to e-mails–I can barely touch type this post. Oh well, typing was never my thing.

But that is not really what I want to talk about.

Let’s take two sentences: “Know thyself.”‘ and “You are who you think you ain’t.”. One is a command, the other a statement. Well, it is pretty obvious that if the second sentence is true, then the command does not matter.

Let’s leave it there for right now, for after all I am just trying to recapture my typing skills.

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Bible, Euclid, and interpretation

One of my favorite quotations is “Alone at night, I read my Bible more and Euclid less.”  Not that it is true for me.  I tend towards Euclid.  I don’t really know why the quotation has stuck inside my head, for I read it in H. S. M. Coxeter’s splendid and classic Introduction to Geometry.  Why he used it for one of his section heads I do not know.

I like the implication though.  I have a sentence that seems as though it means something, yet have no idea what the meaning is or why an author and mathematician used it in one of his books.

Interpretation is much more mysterious and elusive than we might think if we care to think of it at all.  It’s like a spell–when broken, ruins everything.

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Damn you, Tarski

I’ve been reading this totally smokin’ biography of Alfred Tarski which has made me interested in math logic again–something I said I’d never do again.

Oh well, it’s just a benign activity except for the valuable use of time, time I must marshall and conserve at my advanced age.

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Biographers: things would definitely not be the same without them.

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Tarski and Godel

You are reading a biography of Alfred Tarski. In it there
is a photo of Tarski and Godel laughing together in Vienna in the
early 1930’s. Apparently, even the gods of logic enjoy a good

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