Piano Concertos

OK, I ain’t been writing much. I’ve been listening to music, mostly Mozart and Beethoven piano concertos. I got distracted. And if you are going to get distracted, I expect that ain’t a half bad way to do it.

In fact, I haven’t written anything in so long–not even responses to e-mails–I can barely touch type this post. Oh well, typing was never my thing.

But that is not really what I want to talk about.

Let’s take two sentences: “Know thyself.”‘ and “You are who you think you ain’t.”. One is a command, the other a statement. Well, it is pretty obvious that if the second sentence is true, then the command does not matter.

Let’s leave it there for right now, for after all I am just trying to recapture my typing skills.

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  1. I like piano concertos from mozart, very nice

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