Even or approximately close to it

After figuring out some pieces of mathematics this weekend that I pondered for years, I fell into a fit boredom on Monday, and as usual when i am bored I dialed up 30 new chess games on the Internet while sitting in the bar. (big sigh)

Given my state of inebriation, I started out pretty well in all of them, but this morning I blundered away a knight for nothing in a game while playing before drinking my first cup of coffee. As fate would have it, I have battled back to even in the game.

There are two lessons to be learned: don’t give up when you are behind at the beginning, and things tend to even out.

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Creating and discovering

At the surface, discovering and creating seem two entirely different things.  To discover, you march about the world noticing new things.  Once a thing is discovered, the catalog of reality expands with a new entry.  To create, you conjure from the imagination something new.  This something may not be something you can find in reality.  It appears two different worlds exist–the world of discovered things and the world of created things.

However, these two worlds bleed across the boundary separating them.  To discover, you sometimes need a little imagination to guide the path to discovery. (Knowing what you are looking for helps to decide the existence or not of  that item.)  To create, you sometimes need a basic inventory of items taken from reality to meditate upon and rearrange.  (Even castles in the air need foundations.)

We, our imaginative selves, and the world are inextricably entwined in this odd embrace.

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So, here’s the deal. Some motherfucker stole my Tumi bag last night, which contained my iPad, passport, the first two pages of my new novel, the copy of the US Constitution I bought at the Supreme Court book store back in 1998, etc.

I’m feeling homicidal today and for the first time in my pour pitiful life I feel it’s a good thing.

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You know you are finally healing after the longest spell yet. You laugh, feel crazy, and poetry once again delights you.

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Writing blues

The one thing about writing is that it is so damned easy not to do it even though you know you should.

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Fantasy 2011

I have been busy the past week with two fantasy baseball drafts and their aftermaths.  I am happy with both drafts for the most part.  I plugged holes on one of my teams at relief pitching and infield depth by picking up a couple of guys off of waivers–a nice plus.  Now, I must keep an eye on injuries during Spring Training.

The fantasies of March often yield to sobering realities of fall, not just with baseball, but also for things in general.  However, things tend to even out and one must be thankful for that.

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