Books: a chronicle of the feeling of what happens

I wish I had a chronicle documenting every book I have read during my life–nothing fancy, just a sentence or paragraph or two with my reactions to the book–a sort of “the feeling of what happens” kind of thing.  I expect one should jot down that feeling shortly after one has read a book so the feeling sticks before fading from memory.

I finished Stephen King’s 11/22/63 very early this morning.  I admit I would not have read it if it had not been listed as one of the NY Times best books of the year.  It’s a book I could have lived without which does not mean I did not like it in many parts.  King does raise interesting questions about the nature of time and necessity.  Let that be the feeling.

Now, the next book awaits: William Boyd’s Restless or George R. R. Martin’s Fire and Iceseries.  It seems a coin flip.

A chronicle has begun.

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When I first met her. Real easy to remember.

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