Horizon to horizon

I wish B did not live in California. I would like to see her more often in the coming years. That we have regained a close personal friendship seems almost like a miracle. (Can miracles happen if there is no god? Or is there only unexplainable things?)

She has a long layover over at O’Hare airport on December 21 on her way from Europe to California. We will celebrate the holiday together that day. My usual dull depressing holiday season will have a brief respite.

We plan to meet in Las Vegas in January. Hooray for my team! I escape the cold weather for a few days and meet gregarious company at the same time. Since she is working in Europe much of next year, I might even get a chance to meet her there.

Meanwhile, the air is chill and the sky cobalt from horizon to horizon in Chicago today. And I know that one way or another things will be OK. After all, B’s Thanksgiving Day card to me sits beside the computer as I write this.

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