Fate and ghosts

Just after midnight, sitting in the dark, a book open on the iPad before me, and listening to Beethoven’s piano concerto number one, I believe fate had nothing much in store for me except moments such as these.  Let the moment be, for these moments are ghosts who live here too.  I no longer begrudge them a place to stay.

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When you are young you know the solution, but not the problem; when you are old, you know the problem, but not the solution.

Well, except for those few geniuses born in each generation.

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White feet

Saturday night.  He walks into the bar with his cap worn backwards and wearing flip flops too and it’s just not that warm a night.  His feet are so white.

I’m sure other things will happen tonight of which I don’t approve.  But I don’t plan on seeing them.

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The age of simplicity

A small canvas bag containing a roll-up analysis chess board and pieces, a pocket chess set, a chess book, another book for reading, a Bic pen, a notebook, and a pocket diary: life is simple.

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Blow lonesome whistle

The train rumbling across the tracks in the distance still resonates.  The best sleeping narcotic–ever.  Too bad it’s all gone as is the silence before the train was invented.

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More negation

When I’m gone they will say, clever books bewitched and beguiled him most.  Or more probably, they’ll say nothing at all.

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Fear of yellow

It is an old mass paperback book.  Its pages are yellowed.  A watermark runs through it from a puddle it must have briefly sat in one night.  It signifies things found and lost.  It scares me.  But all things scare me these days.  So maybe, it signifies nothing.  I really can’t tell.

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Some nights this summer I eat a chocolate chip cookie or chocolate ice cream and watch a little of the Ken Burn’s Baseball documentary before going to bed.  It takes me far away.  I always sleep well on those nights.

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The future and the exquisite grandness of Internet social networking

I see her in pictures with anther man.  She radiates happiness.  And I am happy for her.

Softly, the summer of 2002 comes to mind and thoughts of one of those other ghosts emerges from the mist we call memory.

The future is easy.  Sometimes, all you have to do is start over.  And this time get it right.

As persons, we are a collection of personae each with its own narrative.  Adding a new one to the mix should be no chore at all.

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Old azure cap

I am wearing a faded azure baseball style cap, yet not exactly so with its short broad bill and shallow bowl nestled about my skull. My long hair tied in a ponytail streams out of it. I bought it at the Wal*Mart in Kauai during a week that began with high expectations and ended in bitter disappointment.

I recall those mornings in Kauai when I woke long before her. I sat out on the balcony and watched the Morning Star fade into the dawn over the ocean. Then I wrote poetry in a notebook and drank coffee until she woke. We walked down to the ocean and went snorkeling for a spell. When we got back, we ate breakfast, then jumped in the car and drove into the day’s adventure. Some weeks of our lives sear our memories until we die.

People might say it is an ugly cap made even uglier by me wearing it. Yet I feel different in my ugliness when I wear this cap–a survivor maybe. The one thing about being old is that everyone looks prettier including myself.

Life goes on. Things tend to even out for me and this cap.

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