Even or approximately close to it

After figuring out some pieces of mathematics this weekend that I pondered for years, I fell into a fit boredom on Monday, and as usual when i am bored I dialed up 30 new chess games on the Internet while sitting in the bar. (big sigh)

Given my state of inebriation, I started out pretty well in all of them, but this morning I blundered away a knight for nothing in a game while playing before drinking my first cup of coffee. As fate would have it, I have battled back to even in the game.

There are two lessons to be learned: don’t give up when you are behind at the beginning, and things tend to even out.

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Billy’s Back

Yep. And he’s still wearin’ his drinkin’ hat and shoes.

Welcome back, Billy. Missed you.

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Sunday Night Football

Sunday night and I’m at the local bar watching the Bears play the Giants in one of the most awfully played football games in history. Both teams are playing so badly it is a good game.

The second half just started. Plenty of awful football left to be played. It’s just a matter of who will play the worst.

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Lunch is beer and whiskey. I wonder what to read next. I download Tom McCarthy’s latest novel, C, which has gotten some interesting reviews. Two pages into it, I’m thinking this will be my kind of book–you know, adult.

I stop reading it because I’ve not completed my Latin exercises.

Discipline: that’s what’s made me a star.

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Drawings and the future

I spent the afternoon sitting in a corner at Pippin’s drawing diagrams on the computer for my geometry book.  At first, it was drudgery, but then my mind wandered off the task at hand.  The diagrams started to look pretty.  Other drawings came to mind and I explored them.–things I had not thought about.

Questions recurred.  What if this silly geometry book is the only thing I really work on or care about?  Would my life be any different?

Probably not.

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New chess champion (and challenger)

The 11th game of the WCC between Anand and Kramnik is being played now. My computer chess engine analysis says Kramnik is in trouble, since he is headed for a draw at best and he needs a win today and in the last game. However, my chess engine has a top rating of 2350 and these guys are in the high 2700’s. They could definitely could crush my chess engine.

For a wood pusher like me though, it is interesting to follow the chess engine analysis, for it gives me at least some insight into what must be going through their heads as they play.

…and that’s it. Kramnik offered a draw and Anand accepted to become the new world chess champion. But how good is his game after six shots of whiskey and six beers? Inquiring minds like mine want to know. I challenge him to a match at Pippin’s anytime. I’ll only make him drink four shots and four beers before we start.

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Big sigh

Saturday afternoon. Blogging on the iPhone. Alone at the bar drinking hard and watching college football. Tried to wrap my mind around philosophy or what to do next with my life. Couldn’t get into it.

I placed my first wagers for the NFL season on tomorrow’s games. I’m totally stoked.

The global stock markets are on my mind. Have they puked up the last of their guts?

The weather is as perfect as it gets. And there is baseball game on tonight.

Life is good today.

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6 PM Amsterdam Time

Another busy day of smoking, drinking, and touring. Golly, I’m stoned. But I leave for Brussels tomorrow, So, I am going to get my last licks in tonight.

I’ve grown quite fond of Amsterdam. However, thIs place would be the death of me if I lived here.

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Alive in Amsterdam

After a night of extreme excess in Amsterdam, I wake early not knowing how I returned to the hotel.

Time to prepare for another day of fun.

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I stayed out late last night at the bar playing chess nonstop for over five hours. The bar became crowded around midnight as the hotel, bar, and restaurant workers made their way in for drinks before going home. Several men came up to the board and mentioned how they enjoyed the game. Then they did things no real chess player would do such as recommending moves to the players, pounding the bar next to the board, and demanding a game after we finished the current one. Chess brings out the immaturity in some men. It is not pretty to see.

Another form of immaturity some men display at bars is interrupting the conversation between a man and woman who are obviously, family, friends, or lovers. What self respecting woman would entertain that sort of loutish, childish, and blatantly sexual advance? Oh well, some people have a compulsive need to seek attention one way or another. Of course, feelings of sexual inadequacy fueled by too much alcohol brings out the seamier side of the compulsive attention getter.

Bars are not always the appropriate place for chess or romance if a person wants to be successful with or gratified by either. One should only blame oneself when attempting enterprises which run foul when drinking at the bar.

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At Wrigley

I went to the Cubs game last night with my great friend Greg Walker. He does not follow the Cubs as closely as I, so he did not have the faith I had going into the eighth inning that the Cubs would make up a 4 to 1 deficit. But they scored five runs in the eighth, Kerry Wood shut down the Phillies in the ninth, and they won 6 to 4 on a honey of a night for a honey of a ballgame.

After, we retired to Jackie’s(sp?) bar for some whiskey drinking. I really don’t know how I got home, but I woke in bed early this morning safe and sound.

I like this year’s Cubs team as well as I have liked any Cubs team I have followed. And sweet Lou Pinnella is a sweet manager for them.

Hook ‘Em Cubs!

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Stray State Street

I swore I would be in bed by now. Instead, I’m out again. I guess I can’t stand to be alone anymore. Lots of stray dogs out tonight too.

OK, I’m going home soon. Seriously, I’m tired, way depressed, and ugly stupid.

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Summer Sunday Afternoon

At the bar. The Cubs and Sox games are on TV. My iPhone plays me chess. No V though. Damn.

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