Blizzard, wedding, and a bagpipe

I don’t recollect being in a harder blizzard than the one blowing through Chicago right now.  When you get caught in the wind it stops you dead in your tracks and drives you a little way backwards.  The prediction is for 24″ of snow in 24 hours.  Shoveling out won’t begin until late tomorrow afternoon.  The lucky people are folks like me who live in high-rise buildings and don’t have to drive.

What is really eerie is the thunder and lightning that kicks up every now and then.

What I discovered tonight while listening to the radio is the classical piece An Orkney Wedding With Sunrise by Peter Maxwell Davies.  It ends with a bagpipe solo.  I do admire the sound of a good bagpipe tune.

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Who are you?

I have this thought.  Since the dawn of humanity as we know it, there have been people who have ideas and arguments for them.  Then there all the others who are bereft of one of the two, or both.

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Still Saturday morning: I’ve drunk the coffee and smoked enough cigarettes for now, all the while reading Chekhov’s stories. The stories remind me of events this week.

This was the week for listening to people whether I cared to or not: the men telling me about their successes and hard work; the anxious, troubled, and lonely women telling me about boyfriend or husband problems, career aspirations, past glory days, or wanting to kiss, hug, or dance with me as if I were their favorite uncle. I should write the details here, but each person presents a story that needs to be told a different way than their verbatim monologues. A higher truth should supplant the bare truth of their lives.

I gave them my ears in return for their souls.

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