At the Bob Dylan show

I saw Bob Dylan at the Aragon last night.  He started off with a hard rocking version of “Watching the River Flow”, my personal anthem, and he and his band stayed hard rocking until the end of the show even on the really old songs from the Sixties.  They were totally smoking as we like to say at State Street.  They even played “Thunder on the Mountain”, another personal favorite.  One of their encore songs was “Like a Rolling Stone” done with all the hardness and harshness that it deserves and only Dylan could conjure.

It was my first Dylan show.  I never imagined in my wildest dreams he could put together a band and a blend of tunes that was that off the scale good.

Thanks, for the ticket, Billy.

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at the internet jukebox

Let’s face it. A lot of people don’t know how to play the jukeboxes, especially if the jukeboxes are the Internet ones with over a hundred thousand tunes to download. You see these twenty something folks walk into the bar and play, ad infinitum, pretty much the same twelve contemporary popular songs that are supposed show they are cool and with it. Yet all their selections show is that they have no imaginations at all.

Sometimes, I sit at the bar and write out a play list of quirky tunes that do not respect genre or time, yet display a theme. I have an imagination; I know about pastiche. I’m lucky.

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I listen to classical music of the Baroque period today on Internet radio. I imagine myself listening to the station everyday while I write. One day, I will learn to identify the pieces without looking at the iTunes streamer. Anything seems possible as I have remarked before. She has made me believe this.

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