The feeling of what happens when introduced to science

Sagredo:  My brain already reels.  My mind, like a cloud momentarily illuminated  by a lightning-flash, is for an instant filled with an unusual light, which now beckons to me and which now suddenly mingles and obscures strange, crude ideas.

Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences, Galileo Galilei

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A bit about rain

Isn’t it nice that rain falls in small drops relatve to our size? What if it fell in 100 gallon packets? You’d have to have a steel umbrella and shit like that. And can you imagine what small insects must feel like when our normal sized raindrops hit them squarely?

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Blue Moon

How would the days go if I didn’t care about writing?  For one, they would not have as much meaning, at least for me.  But that is not what I want to talk about.

December 2009 is a blue moon month.  The blue moon rises on December 31.  I wonder how many blue moons have occurred on New Year’s Eve?  It must be a finite number since the moon and earth have not existed in their current forms forever.  I guess one could take a stab at the age of the earth and moon, as the scientists have, and come up with a rough approximation to how many blue moons have graced us.

I’ll work on it and report back.

As I understand it, blue in Old English meant betrayer which seems to fit with why a blue moon is called such.  But don’t get me started on betrayal.  That theme is one of my life’s fascinations.

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Coffee cups and dark matter

I measured how much coffee fits in my coffee cup.  Eight ounces, which, of course, is a cup.

Now, how much dark matter is there in the universe?  I think I’ll need more than my kitchen measuring cups to figure that out.  I wonder if Macy’s has anything useful on sale to help with the problem.

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