Sunday afternoon lottery

Sunday football afternoon: I have some bets down. I like these afternoons.

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Sunday Night Football

Sunday night and I’m at the local bar watching the Bears play the Giants in one of the most awfully played football games in history. Both teams are playing so badly it is a good game.

The second half just started. Plenty of awful football left to be played. It’s just a matter of who will play the worst.

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Monday night. Bears vs. the Packers in Chicago. Everybody in the bar is yelling at the TV. My ears are ringing.

I’m playing some Vivaldi at low volume when I get home.

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2010 World Cup Final

Clockwork Orange Mark II are 2 1/2 to 1 dogs in tomorrow’s game, so I bet on them.  The price seemed right.

I don’t really have a dog in the fight.  I just hope the Dutch force Spain out of their plan to win 1-0 at the end of regulation.

At the end of each World Cup, I always wonder how a sporting event that lasts a whole month seems to go by so quickly.

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Clockwork Orange Mark II vs. Blitzkrieg Mark II

Today, pre-tournament favorite Spain plays Germany, let’s call them Blitzkrieg Mark II as we have called Netherlands Clockwork Orange Mark II.  My preferred match-up on Sunday?  Clockwork Orange vs. the Blitzkrieg, and let the goals begin in the opening minutes.

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Germany vs. Argentina at 9 Central time. I’m thinking a draw at the end of regulation time and who knows after that… Let’s face it. The future is often murky and inhabited by shadows whose substance and essence we cannot reckon.

That’s one reason why gambling is so difficult.

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Freight Train

Portugal 7, North Korea 0.  OK, it has now been scientifically proven.  A picket fence can’t stop a freight train running at full speed.

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Hockey and football

The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup last night.  They had not won that since 1961.  The obligatory celebration went on all night long.  I made the wise choice of watching the game at home even if I didn’t get a lot of sleep because of the ruckus out of doors.

However, the World Cup starts tomorrow.  I’ll be watching the Mexico vs. S. Africa match tomorrow morning.  Spain, Brazil, and England are the betting favorites.  I’m going to cheer for USA and Mexico for as long as they last.  They have to at least get into the knockout round.  Don’t they?

Plenty of good football coming up.

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Humid etc.

Humid.  Sweating humid.  Blackhawks lost another game.

But it’s all-night Friday chess coming up.  Me against the world.  I hope I win one this time around.

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Game two of the Stanley Cup Finals. Let’s go Blackhawks. Yeh-ah!

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Chess and Football

Let’s face it, by common consent, from Grandmasters to fans, the chess world championship has been in disarray for almost 20 years.  First of all, the championship is not played every year as it is in other sports.  The terms of who gets to compete for the title, the format of competition, and the venues for play are always under chaotic negotiation.  It is only in the past few years that Vishy Anand has been recognized as the reigning champion.

Only the top grandmasters make a living on the chess tournament circuit.  In a global game such as chess, a game universally enjoyed by so many, that seems odd.  Chess competition should tear a page out of global football’s book.  To attract fans, thereby money, there should be plenty of top flight competition all year long with that competition ending in a championship match.  Fans should know when the top tournaments will be played that lead to the championship title.  They should know when a top match between players will happen in the playoffs.  As of right now, only the serious chess devotees can penetrate the confusing playoff system.

If the chess world wants a slice of the money to be had from world games, they need to move from their 19th century model to the current 21st century model of global football.  I know the next leg of the Champions League is next week, who plays whom, the time the games start, where games will be played, and who is broadcasting the games live.  That’s not the case with chess.

Chess World, we need an annual well regulated and communicated contest for the world championship.  Individual games should be decided within a duration that holds the fans interest and fits their time constraints.  Plus, chess fans want more live broadcasts of major events.

Think football style, Chess World.

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EPL fantasy update

It’s 2010 and we know what that means.  It’s time to make a run at my English Premier League fantasy league championship.  I’m moving up in the standings after a mediocre start.  The wheels are back on the train and the train is back on the tracks.

And most importantly, I’m totally stoked.

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Resigned to the BCS system

I’m biased because of my love for Iowa Hawkeye football, but I thought the BCS Bowl pairings came out about as good as you can get under current circumstances.  I know the whole thing is not a “real” championship, but given the way money sloshes around the current Bowl setup, a “real” national championship playoff will never happen because “real” fairness requires a sixteen team tournament, which would marginalize the current bowl system, a system dependent on holiday travel and spending.

However, there is still plenty of good football to be played over the holidays because of the BCS system.  It’s just a matter of who is going to play it.

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NFL Update – Rush Limbaugh edition

By now, we’ve all heard or read the news that Rush Limbaugh was kicked out of the consortium trying to buy the St. Louis Rams.

Word on the street is that he had to pass a quiz the consortium gave him and he flunked.  He didn’t know what NFL stood for.  He couldn’t spell touchdown and didn’t know how many points you got for scoring one.  He thought he was buying the Los Angeles Rams instead of the St. Louis Rams.  He flunked Phys Ed all six years he was in high school.  He said his beverage of choice in the Sky Box was Shirley Temples.

Can you believe all the sniveling and whining coming from certain macho right wingers over the news ?  Just shut the fuck up and go back to playing with your Ken and Barbies.  And every now and then wipe the stains off them.

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Bud Wilkinson, the streak, potential, and performance

Bud Wilkinson coached the Oklahoma football team from the late Forties to the early Sixties.  At one point his teams won 47 games in a row–still the record for college football.  The record is even more impressive than you might think since college football teams played fewer games in his era.  The record spans five seasons.

Mr. Wilkinson tried his hand at politics, but failed to gain elective office.  He analyzed the ABC TV Saturday football games in the Sixties.  His delivered his commentary with intelligent and enthusiastic softness.

During the past two weeks I have been reclaiming my memory.  I’ll always associate the number 47 with the Oklahoma winning streak.  As sports winning streaks go, it stands as a splendid statistical outlier. It dazzles like the IQ of a genius.  Some say Bud Wilkinson was a genius.

One of my all time favorite quotations comes from Bud Wilkinson.

Potential is nothing; performance is everything.

The quotation has brought a lump to my throat more than once.

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Germany vs. Turkey

Euro 2008 is coming to a close. Germany plays Turkey today in a semi-final match. Germany is a huge favorite. I wonder. I just wonder if the long odds against Turkey are justified. I am going to find out the hard way by betting on Turkey. For you Chicago fans, the broadcast starts at 1:45 on ESPN.

Happy wagering!

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Baseball 2008

As you can well imagine, we are inundated with requests at State Street asking who we are betting on this baseball season. Well, quite frankly, we have not bet on a damned thing so far. And we have missed a lot of grand opportunities with the Cubs and White Sox both on fire.

But all that has changed today. We have bet the Cubs straight up against the Braves tonight, the White Sox straight up against the hapless and helpless Tigers tonight, and a two team parlay on both Chicago teams too.

We aren’t talking about some pork chop bets either. We’re talking about some 100% US prime whip-out cash bets.

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Euro 2008

The Euro 2008 soccer championship started this weekend. The nice thing about world soccer, is that it never stops for a rest, most likely to the detriment of the sport’s top stars who get worn down quickly in their careers.

England is conspicuously absent from the tournament. English football clubs fielded three of the four Champions League semi-finalists this season. But that is a testament to English teams ability to buy the world’s best talent.

Netherlands blew away Italy 3-0 yesterday. With a victory like that, they might be considered the front runner.

ESPN/ABC network is broadcasting all the games in the US. We have come a long way from the days when you had to search a large daily newspaper to get any results at all in the US. I attribute it to the soccer moms taking their kids to play the game. They created the audience.

Don’t worry, Orla, I won’t be taking any long trips until the games are over.

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Beautiful distraction

Of course, just as I think I see a vision of the immediate future, me holding a math book in hand during lunch, I find myself taking up a novel, Europe Central, which I had forsaken for mathematics texts the past week. What does it matter? I’ll be watching the Champions League Final before too long. Plus, V is always on my mind–the most beautiful distraction, ever.

Tell me one more time. What was my life like before I met her? I forget.

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Chelsea vs. Man U

Today is the Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester United in Moscow. The broadcast on ESPN in the US begins at 1:45 PM Central time.

Man U edged Chelsea for the Premier championship by two points this season. The betting at my sports bookie is Man U at 7 to 10 and Chelsea even money. I bet on Man U.

No matter what, it ought to be a honey of a match.

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Just another night

Dear Diary,

My first night without V in four nights. She must be enjoying her time without me. I am such a drag. But we will talk about that later.

I caught a damned cold over the weekend. I do this every year. I forget to wear a sweater or jacket for several of those spring days when it is not all that warm. Bingo, I have a cold.

So, I went to Pippin’s tonight to have some Maker’s shots, hang with my friends, and watch some baseball on TV. That worked out spectacularly well. All my favorite guys were there except one. I drank hard, yet managed to leaver early, get to the store for some food and medicine, then get home in one piece.

I’m watching the Cubs lose to the Astros because of a Hunter Pence grand slam homerun earlier in the game. Damn. But enough of that, except to say the Cubs just lost.

I need to start a project called the Lynn Project. The project’s goal would be to make myself into someone who was worthy of V’s and my friend’s kindness and generosity towards me.

I can’t say anything right tonight. I miss V. The emotion crowds all other thoughts out.



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The Happy Totals

As you can well expect, we are flooded at State Street with queries as to how we did in wagering on NFL games this year. In a fit of boredom we wagered on the Giants to win yesterday at 7 to 2 odds. Damn, we are lucky. That put us up an excellent amount for the whole season.

It is perverse to brag about one’s luck, but damn we really are lucky here at State Street.

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Schul runs ’em down in the 5,000 meters

Bob Schul is the only American runner to win the 5,000 meters in the Olympic games. He did it at Tokyo in 1964. Here’s the way I remember it, for I watched it on TV back then.

Many Americans probably remember that American Billy Mills came out of nowhere to win the 10,000 meters at the 1964 games. That was big time news because Mills was a relative unknown and Europeans owned the distance races from 5,000 and up. Schul held about the same status in the American mind as Mills before the 5,000 meter final was run.

Schul was not the favorite in the race although he was given an outside shot. Schul’s normal race strategy was to hang back far off the front runners’ pace and then kick hard during the last 200 meters. He deployed that strategy in the 5,000 meter final. With 200 meters to go in the race, Frenchman Michel Jazy and race favorite was far enough ahead of Schul to make you believe Schul had no chance. But Schul started his kick and ran him down at about the 50 meter mark to win the race. I hope I haven’t gotten the facts too far wrong.

I still get totally stoked each time I recall that race. I have no idea why I recollect it now.

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