You can mess up a Stray Dog thing too

I’ll admit it.   I wonder what life would have been like with A. if I had not been untrue.  After all, she is the woman I left my wife for.

I know you don’t like me writing about personal things, but sometimes, that’s all there is on these sultry summer Chicago nights.

The question haunts me still.  Were we just Stray Dogs to each other when a Stray Dog seemed as though it was our destiny?  Or were those sultry Sunday summer afternoons lying in bed next to each other, after making good love, something that should have been forever if I had not fucked it up?

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The chance of a Stray Dog

Take a bar.  Now, how would you calculate the probability you will pick up a Stray Dog if you are hanging out there?  Let’s take a look at the variables that might be relevant.  Your age, their age, your charm index, their state of innebriation, the time of day, special events ocurring in town, competition (cock blockers), etc.

It seems as though one could study the problem via linear regression.  There must be other methods and models too.

Let’s suppose you have worked out optimal times to be in the bar.  Suppose your main goal for being in the bar is to pick up a Stray Dog.  Think of the money you’d save drinking in the bar if you only went there during the optimal times for picking up that wonderful someone, and doing something else when the chances were not good.

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She’s a First Lieutenant in the Army newly returned from Iraq.  She’s going through a divorce these first few weeks back in country.  She’s sitting across the table from me at a nice restaurant.  She is at turns charming and a little gross.  (I did not need to know about her fucking a guy on a barroom floor.)

I’m more gross than her.  I have no words that comfort her.

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Hump Day Postcard

It is the third night of the five nights of St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago. Stray Dogs abound. Life is OK. The only thing I fear is that reality may set in one day.

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