Events and their location

A man stands on his balcony in the building across the street.  He brushes his teeth.  Why do I care to write about it?  I blame Murakami.  Small events take on significance.

In what world did I awake today?

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Even or approximately close to it

After figuring out some pieces of mathematics this weekend that I pondered for years, I fell into a fit boredom on Monday, and as usual when i am bored I dialed up 30 new chess games on the Internet while sitting in the bar. (big sigh)

Given my state of inebriation, I started out pretty well in all of them, but this morning I blundered away a knight for nothing in a game while playing before drinking my first cup of coffee. As fate would have it, I have battled back to even in the game.

There are two lessons to be learned: don’t give up when you are behind at the beginning, and things tend to even out.

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So, here’s the deal. Some motherfucker stole my Tumi bag last night, which contained my iPad, passport, the first two pages of my new novel, the copy of the US Constitution I bought at the Supreme Court book store back in 1998, etc.

I’m feeling homicidal today and for the first time in my pour pitiful life I feel it’s a good thing.

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The blizzard passed

The weather folks are saying the blizzard, now gone from Chicago, was the worst in 50 years. I can remember ones with as much snow, but never with winds blowing a steady 30 to 50 mph for 24 hours. I can hardly wait until the next one 50 years from now. 🙂

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I can see clearly now

Just washed my laptop computer screen.  Things are already looking brighter and clearer.  And now it is December 22–a day when the sunlight lingers just a tad longer than yesterday.

Merry Christmas, you pretty butt motherfuckers.

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I wrote about depression the other day. Why did I do that? Never mind, that’s not what I want to talk about, at least as far as depression goes.

The nice thing about long core meltdown depressions is that inexplicable euphoric feeling that’s worth the price of admission when you come out of it.

OK, what I really wanted to talk about is whether I should find a good dominatrix to give me spankings. But we’ll leave that to later.

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Why does Saturday still seem like Saturday?

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Remembering and forgetting

“You forget what you want to remember and you remember what you want to forget.”
Cormac McCarthy, The road

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