On using the words fuckstick and fingerfuck

How many times do you use the words fuckstick and fingerfuck during the day?  There was a time when I used them a lot, but only for effect while within shouting distance of strangers.

I don’t use them anymore, but I still like them.  Of course, I am bereft of words these days.

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at the bill maher show

I saw Bill Maher at the Chicago Theater last night. He did a standup routine without an opening act or introduction. I enjoyed it from start to finish. He opened with a little criticism of the Democratic Party, but launched into praise for Obama and Clinton. Then gave a long ribald critique of McCain and Republicans in general. He skewered religion and the religious. He ended with a routine on sex.

In short, he hit most of the points I like in comedy content. I liked the sex routine best.

I went to the show with Matt, my kind and generous politically conservative friend who gave me my ticket. Naturally, there was a long stretch of the show he did not enjoy, but overall he was pleased he’d bought the tickets and saw it. I suppose it is unfair that I laughed my ass off all the way through the show and he did not, but still I am glad he enjoyed part of it.

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bill maher

I’m going to see Bill Maher with a friend tonight at the Chicago Theater. I’m not a big Maher fan, but I have not paid much attention to him either. I am going with a friend who is very conservative if not deeply conservative. That ought to be the most fun part of it.

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Requiem for a Heavyweight at the Shattered Globe Theater

I saw the Shattered Globe Theater’s production of Rod Serling’s Requiem for a Heavyweight last week. It has received uniformly excellent reviews. Now, I know why.

If you are looking for good theater at a great price in a comfortable and intimate setting, get your ticket to Requiem for a Heavyweight at the Shattered Globe Theater before they are all gone. It is a very special show.

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